Tom's Plactic Models - Cars + Plastic Figures + PEZ


DIBRO Toys - Made in England

Dibro Police Motorbike Patrolman - Made in England

Welcome To London!

Plastic Toy London Double Decker Bus

Made in Hong Kong!


Volvo 142 - 2 doors Sedan

1973 Model

# Ref. Volvo 142 cars version 4 at scale 1/20

All in plastic - Car - Windows - Wheels - Chassis - All-in-plastic

Metal axels with chromed metal hubs

Merket under: Made in Finland

Merket på sidene: Emblem: "Volvo 142" -  Merket bak med "Volvo "

Merket foran i grillen med "Volvo + emblem"

Volvo 142 (1973)

Friction King

High Speed 3000 Sport Limousine

Red Plastic Oldtimer


New Page for PEZ + PEZ Autos

1st coming soon Orange & Blue Pez Nascar Racing Car No.31

Cherry Raspberry Strawberry Lemon Cola ads

Plastic Pull Back & Drive Motion

TM PEZ Made in China 1111530

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28.09 | 12:49

Nice cars! I am 54 years old and mostly played with Tomte. when i was 5 or 6 years old my first vinyl line cars came in, was a faun,vw,landr and fer.

08.02 | 00:41

Love the space-toys very much!!!!
Keep on collecting them.

25.07 | 07:04
Made in Denmark har mottatt 2
25.07 | 07:03
Tom's Toy Collection har mottatt 2
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