Auburn Vinyl Models - Made in U.S.A

Great Auburn Collectibles presented by Mickey Mouse (Disney)

Auburn Vinyl Models


Auburn Rubber-Vinyl Racing Car

- Made in U.S.A -

American Rubber & Vinyl Toys

Ref. Wiki

The Auburn Rubber Company, Indiana, was a rubber products manufacturer best known for its line of children's toys (Leopard 2003). It was probably the largest producer of rubber and vinyl toys in the world, though Norway's Tomte Laerdal, and Sweden's Galanite were major European producers.

In 1935, it began making rubber toys, including toy cars, trucks, tractors and animals. Most vehicles were four to eight inches in length and cast in a variety of colors

Toys were made in many different styles, models and sizes. Proportion and detail were fairly good for vinyl toys. Probably the most famous were the four inch variety. Some of the model selections could be quite clever, for example, a 1955 Thunderbird, a Triumph TR-2, 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL, a 1957 Ford Ranchero, and a neat Ford Model A-style Hot Rod.



Auburn Rubber Racing Car

Vinyl Model

Made in Indiana - U.S.A.



Auburn Rubber Motorcycle

Vinyl Motorbike with Great Details

Marked: Auburn

Great American Design

Made in Indiana U.S.A.

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28.09 | 12:49

Nice cars! I am 54 years old and mostly played with Tomte. when i was 5 or 6 years old my first vinyl line cars came in, was a faun,vw,landr and fer.

08.02 | 00:41

Love the space-toys very much!!!!
Keep on collecting them.

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