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          Alps Made in Japan                         Bandai Japan                              Ichiko Japan


                Nomura Japan                         Yonezawa Japan                 Modern Toys Japan

Made in Japan

Tom's # Favourite Japanese Brands Ref. & Info +Trade Marks

NB! Only Toy Makers from Toys in My Private Collection!

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Tom's Toy Collection -


A.1 Trade Mark

Toyo Plaything Trademark, Japan. 

                                                                Alps Made in Japan

Alps - Alps Shoji Ltd - Tokyo - Japan - Alps Robots

A.T.C. - Asahi Toy Company - Tokyo - Japan

"Santa Claus Logo" Asaki Gangsu Seisakusho

ASC - Aoshin Shoten Co. Ltd. Tokyo - Japan


Bandai - Asakusa - "B" Trade Mark - Tokyo - Japan

(The Trade Mark is an "B" within a "C")

B - Bandai - Ya Inc. Japan Sign of Quality




Fukuda - Fukuda Seisakusho - "R.F" - Trade Mark - Japan

R.F in a "Diamond"




Horikawa - Horikawa Toys - Gangu Kogyo - Tokyo - Japan

Horikawa Robot


                                                                      Ichiko Japan


ICHIKO - Ichiko Manufacturing - Ichiko Kogyo Tokyo Japan

ICHIKO on The Police Car Number Plates

International Quality Toys - SSS - Trade Mark - Shioji - Japan


J - Junior


Kato Toys - KATO TOYS - Made in Japan

KY - Yoshino - Japan

K.O - K.O.T - Yoshiya - Japan

Yoshiya - K.O or K.O.T in a Diamond - Trade Mark - Japan


# Ref. Confirmed by Circus Oldtimer Tin Car in My Collection

+ K.O Marked - "Go Man Go" - Bump & Go - Tivoli Car - Plates: 4357 +



Marusan Shoten - Tokyo - Japan

SAN in a Circle

Masuya Toys

Masudaya Toys Export of Masutoku Toys

These are often "named" - "Modern Toys"

Modern Toys - MT - Trade Mark - Japan


                                                                Modern Toys Japan

TM Modern Toys Trade Mark Japan

Masudaya Toys Co., Ltd.

Modern Toys Masutoko K.K. Toy Factory. Tokyo, Japan.

Trademark Logo = The letters "MT" - M  on a T in a diamond and/or circle.

Founded 1724 - to present.


Nomura Toys - T.N - Trade Mark - Tokyo - Japan

                                                                   Nomura Japan

          - Made in Japan -      

T.N in a "Diamond" 

T.N - Nomura - Japan Nomura Toys Tokyo Japan


Okuma Seisakusho - Trade Mark - Japan

S: (Y)

Sanko - Seisakusho - Y in a Circle


Y in a Circle - Sanko


SS - Sakai - Seisakusho Ltd. Japan


(SSS - Sanesu ?)


Just new info on this!



SSS - SSS International Quality Toys , Shioji , Japan



SSS International JAPAN



Sato - Sato Gangu Seisakusho


Sato Toys - SATO TOYS - Made in Japan



Tomiyama - "Teddy" Trade Mark - Made in Japan


Tomiyama E.T. Co. Eiichiro Tomiyama Co Tokyo Japan



A.1 Trade Mark


Toyo Plaything Trademark, Japan.





TPS in Front of a Three Finger Symbol


Toplay Ltd. Tokyo Playthings Ltd. Japan



Usagiya Toys Co. Ltd. Tokyo Japan

Usagi = Rabbit in Japanese (N) (Kanin - Harepus)

Usagiya "Rabbit" Japan





Y in a Circle - Sanko

Yone in a Diamond - Yoneya - Y in a Diamond - Yeneya


                                                                   Yonezawa Japan

Yonezawa - "Y" - in a Lotus Flower - Leaf

Yonezawa Trade Mark -Toy Co. Gangu Tokyo Japan

Yonezawa Robots 

Yoshino - KY - Trade Mark - Japan

Yoshiya - KO or K.O.T in a Diamond - Trade Mark - Japan

# Ref. Confirmed by Circus Oldtimer Tin Car


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28.09 | 12:49

Nice cars! I am 54 years old and mostly played with Tomte. when i was 5 or 6 years old my first vinyl line cars came in, was a faun,vw,landr and fer.

08.02 | 00:41

Love the space-toys very much!!!!
Keep on collecting them.

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