Police Cars Tinplated PD Cars Bikes Police Patrol

Marusan Police Tin Model Car Highway Patrol P.D. SAN Marusan Shoten Ltd. Tokyo Made in Japan
ICHIKO Police Car Made in Japan NL POLITIE Dutch Edition Black & White Friction Car Tin Toy Model Car Sirene Roof-light Radio-Antenna and Search-light




- Tin Toy Model Car - Made in Japan -

(# Red.ref. Yonezawa ? Not Confirmed - No Trademarks on this model)

2-Doors Police Car

BIG MODEL TIN MODEL CAR: 12 INCH - 1 Feet - or ca. 31 cm long!

 BO = Battery Operated Motion with 5 Pos. locked option GO Forward and Backward

Siren with real Police-sound - Red Roof-light -  Radio-Antenne

U.S. Red Flashing Beacon - registration number PD 110

Made in Japan

Cool Police Car in 1958!
This one - Great Tin Toy Model Car - 31 cm - 12 inches/1 feet long!
Battery Operated - BO - Siren with real Police-sound - Roof-light - Ant.
Made in Japan

Net. Info - Full Size Police Car:...

It was an option for Ford’s police package cars. This availability is intriguing; the 352 was also available in the 1958 Ford police cars, and it was advertised as being an “Interceptor V8”. The 361 gave an additional 3 horsepower and 5 ft-lbs of torque over the 352. It was offered in Ford police cars for 1958 only.

# Red.ref. (A bit Ford Fairline style on this Japanes "Free-designed" - Model?)


Police Car


Highway Patrol

Number Plates: A5784

Made i Japan

Police Highway Patrol Officer Motorcycle

Friction Drive

HD Numberplates: 1934

Motor Bike - Highway Patrol Officer Motorcycle

Tinplated and Lithograped Toy from 1950'ies

Marked: Made in Japan


Police Cars

Tin-Plate Police Cars


Police Patrol Dept. Jeep

Jeep with Machine Gun and Radio-telephone equipped

The Machine-gun pop's up - flipover from red light

Tin-plated - Batteryoperated - Litho. dashboard

- T.N. - Nomura - Trade Mark - Made in Japan -

Nomura - Nomura Toy Industrial Co. Ltd. Tokyo - Japan

Tom's # 0018 - Ref. TTC - T018 - Tom's Toys - Tinplate Collection



P.D. Patrol Jeep

- Radio-Telephone Equipped -

- T.N. - Nomura - Trade Mark - Made in Japan -

Nomura - Nomura Toy Industrial Co. Ltd. Tokyo - Japan

Tom's # 0017 - Ref. TTC - T017 - Tom's Toys - Tinplate Collection

Police MP

- Military Police Jeep -

Tinplated - Radiotelephone Equipment

MP Driver with gun





Police Patrol Jeep

P.D 221 Radiotelephone equip.

Very young and cute MP Driver

Rabbit Trade Mark - Usaigiya - Made in Japan


Police Car

Made in Japan

BIG Model (USA CAR) - 1958


Black & White with Red Light & Sirene + Inside Litho + Green Celluloid Windscreen

SE 0151 Suzuki & Edwards Co. Ltd. Japan.

Trademark / Logo = The letters "S & E" within a diamond

- Ref. Model Car - # Models -


Looks to be a hybrid-car - Edsel everywhere except for the front and end

Edsel where made by Ford! Ref. Wiki:


From the sides they appear to be ’58 Pacer two-door hardtops

Suzuki & Edwards Co. Ltd.Japan.

Trademark / Logo = The letters "S & E" within a diamond


Police Car

"Highway Patrol Car"

TN Label in "Diamond"

Friction Drive - Size: Length 26 cm

Nomura Toys - Made in Japan

Police Cars Made in Plastic

PAYA - Seat Policia

- Police Car from Paya -


Made in Spain


Patrulla Movil 705-X-22

Electric Remote Control with lights and sirene

Electrico Dirigido con luces y sirena - Electrique Teleguide avec clignotants et sirene!

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Nice cars! I am 54 years old and mostly played with Tomte. when i was 5 or 6 years old my first vinyl line cars came in,...it was a faun,vw,landr and fer.

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Love the space-toys very much!!!!
Keep on collecting them.

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