Dinky Toys - Diecast Model Cars - Made in England

Dinky No. 29 E 

Dinky Toys No. 29 E - Single Deck Bus

1948 - 1952

Early Half Cab Bus - Coach

Made in England Meccano LTD Diecast Model Car

Probably based on the Maudslay Marathon Mark II Luxury Chassis Coach

# Ref. this great link for more info and collectors comments!


Dinky No. 29 D

Dinky Toys No. F 29 D Autobus Parisien "Somua Panhard"


(+ New Model renumbered 571 - 1959-61) ref. TalkModelToys.com

Fabrique en France par Meccano

Often named as : "French Dinky" Diecast Model

Made in France for Meccano

Dinky Toys No. 282


Duple Roadmaster - Leyland Royal Tiger


Made in England - Meccano Ltd.

Dinky No. 283


Dinky Toys - BOAC Coach


 "British Overseas Airways Corporation"


 Dark blue body, white roof, - mid blue ridged hubs, black tyres

Dinky No. 952

Vega Major Luxury Coach

No. 952 Dinky Toys


Dinky Supertoys

 Meccano LTD Made in England

Dinky No. 953

Dinky Continental Tours

- Dinky Supertoys No. 953 - Wayne Bus/Coach -


- Turquoise Body - White Roof - Silver Lining - Red Plastic Hubs - Twin in back -

Meccano LTD - Made in England

Dinky No. 954

Dinky Toys - Supertoys


Dinky Car Carrier No. 954


- Dinky Auto Service -

Meccano Ltd Made in England

Leyland Forward Carrier

Truck Red Cab Grey Ramp and hubs

Dinky No. 981


Dinky Supertoys No. 981 US Export Model

Express Horse Box Hire Service Truck

1954 (1954-60)

Colour: Maroon with silverpainted grill - Red grooved hubs with black rubber tyres

Opens in the back with horse-entrance and similar sidedoor

These where renumbered from the 581 - made in 1952-53 -  with grey tyres -

To the new numbered  981 in 1954

The real-world prototype for this Horse Box was built on a Maudslay Marathon II bus chassis, like the no. 29g Luxury Coach.

Ref. -  www.talkmodels.com - More great info on this website!


Dinky No. 982

"Dinky Toys Delivery Service"


Bedford Truck with Pullmore Car Transporter

"My Year" - 1953 Model


With detachable loading ramp - mid blue cab, pale blue back and ramps

"Dinky Toys Delivery Service" in dark blue, mid blue ridged hubs.

Great Dinky Coaches! BIG Supertoys and smaller versions! Size ref. photo. Tom's Dinky Toys Collection

Tom's Collection - Part I.


Dinky Toys

Buses & Coaches

Diecast Models

Made in Great Britain - England & France

Dinky Toys

Vitrine D - Dinky's

Vitrine D Dinkys I

Vitrine D Dinky's II

Vitrine D Dinky's III

Close-up A

Close-up B

Close-up C

Close-up D

Close-up E



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Nice cars! I am 54 years old and mostly played with Tomte. when i was 5 or 6 years old my first vinyl line cars came in,...it was a faun,vw,landr and fer.

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Love the space-toys very much!!!!
Keep on collecting them.

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