Tom's Fire Trucks - Brannbiler - Fire Engines

HESS Gasoline Fire Truck

HESS Gasoline
Rescue Fire Truck
With ladder, siren, sounds & lights!
Battery Powered
1994 Model Collectors Edition...
TTC-HF-9 -

Fire Trucks

Tom's Fire Trucks & Fire Chief Cars

Fire Chief Car

Chevrolet Impala F.D.


- Fire Department - Fire Chief Car -

Equipped with Cable Remote Command Control

Battery Operated

Okuma - Trade Mark - Made in Japan - Marked

Painted & Named: "CHEVROLET" on front and "IMPALA" On Back Side

SS Marked On Back Side + SS on The Hub Caps (See Photo)

Ref. # Toy-info #

The Hubcaps are marked "SS" Probably for "Sakai" and/or "Seisakusho LTd. Toys - Japan"

"Mystery Action Car" - "Fire Chief" - Made in Japan

Fire Trucks & Cars

 Mystery Action Car

"Fire Chief"

Fire Chief - Japansk Brannbil i blikk med batteri - Mystery Action Car "Fire Chief" - Fire Dept. -Red light and Siren- With ringing bell - Automatic Steering changes Direction and Motion when it hits an object - Battery Operated - Made in Japan by TN - Nomura Toys - Trade Mark

Fire Chief

Fire Chief Jeep F.D.

Fire Department - Fire Chief FD Plates: 2201 A J-Toy "Junior"

Made in Japan

Tin & Plastic Model with "Radar" and Red Light


Junior Toy Co. Ltd. - Suda Kinzuku - J - Toy

Tokyo, Japan.

Trademark / Logo = A stylised letter "J" with the word "Toy" superimposed on the lower section

Gammel Stor Brannbil i myk-gummi/plast

Tomte Toys

Fire Engine No. B-2

B-2 Great Red Fire Engine 500 in Soft Rubber

ca. 1959 Model

Tomte Toys

Fire Engine Type 500

Model B-2 - "Heavy 315 Editon"

No. B-2 Great Red Fire Engine 500 Made in Soft Rubber

Ref. Red. and Toy-Collector:

Tom Rikard - borned in 1953 - Young boy - 7 Years old in 1960 !

Great Toy for a Young Boy at the time!

A Great Christmas Gift!

More info on:


Tom's Tekno Toys Collection - Tekno Model Toys + Vilmer + KIRK - Made in Denmark


Tekno No. 445 Scania Vabis 76 Fire Engine


Tekno Denmark - Model Toys


No. 445 Scania Vabis 76 - Fire Engine

Made in Denmark

Marked underneath: Tekno Denmark 445 Scania + Emblem + Vabis

Pene "Scania" emblem på begge dørene

"Sveive-brannstige for heving + egen sveiv for uttrekk av dobbel stige"


Tekno Fire Engine with ladder and search light + flag

Triangel (Uten ZR Emblem)

Search Light - Brandsprøjte med gult flagg!

Tekno Denmark No. 486

Produceret i perioden 1946-1959

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28.09 | 12:49

Nice cars! I am 54 years old and mostly played with Tomte. when i was 5 or 6 years old my first vinyl line cars came in, was a faun,vw,landr and fer.

08.02 | 00:41

Love the space-toys very much!!!!
Keep on collecting them.

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